What we do


At GEBAS, we believe that any proposed development should be in harmony with the local architecture, landscape, society and culture. When this principle is adhered to, buildings as well as villages, cities and entire regions develop together. We provide regulatory, zoning and municipal planning solutions for every project.


We create comprehensive, realisable architectural studies. Once we know what you want to achieve, we’ll present you with electronic documentation of the proposed plan. That includes 3D visualisation layouts, colour schemes, as well as material designs for the interiors, furniture and fittings.


Before drawing up any documentation, we always perform a detailed survey. Only then do we apply for planning and building permits so that you get a building contractor that can optimise your construction project.


We provide a full service for developers – from conceptualisation through implementation to realisation. We help you select the right construction site, provide a risk assessment and consult on project budgeting. We also specialise in the handling of real estate sales and financing.


We manage the entire project from beginning to end so you don’t have to. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we take full responsibility for all construction and engineering work. Concept and design will always be fully compliant, as will the documentation in relation to carrying out the construction.


We design interiors for single-family houses, apartments and commercial buildings. Big or small, modest or sumptuous, the overall character and style is up to you. We source all equipment and interior fittings such as furniture, lighting and materials to realise your dream home.


Our designs draw inspiration from your story. But we also want to exceed your expectations so that your ideas are given their fullest expression. Our solutions will always be coherent, realisable and make sense of your vision. From foundations to roof. Every aspect of the final design will reflect your identity and, ultimately, enhance the way you live.


Design is one thing. But bringing it to stunning, material life is something else. Our highly skilled team will get your build over the line on time and within budget. That includes delivering turn-key interiors of all kinds, even those involving atypical furniture and modern wood constructions.


Why attend meetings with planning authorities when our experts can do it all for you? We’ll represent you at planning and zoning proceedings. We’ll make sure all architectural and urban development standards are met along with the technical parameters of the construction.


We liaise with all project architects and supervise the technical implementation of the project to the smallest detail. We organise and evaluate tenders, carry out inspection works and provide a full post-approval service.


For companies, we offer a dedicated in-house architect at your disposal for any architecture-related matters that arise. We’ll collaborate with you closely to create a space that satisfies even the most discerning of clients and sets you apart from the competition.


We provide visualisation and animated designs (incl. 3D and photorealistic imaging), land surveying, stock-taking and inventory checks, architectural drawings, investment project assessments and building energy rating certifications.

Our rates are client-specific and will always reflect the type and scope of project involved.

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